Dances With Problems

Two or three months prior, I needed to finish blood work to beware of my thyroid.

It’s anything but no joking matter. Simply something I need to live with given that I have hypothyroidism.

I concede that it very well may be an undeniable annoyance at times.

The stand by can be long.

Furthermore, being inside a medical care office anytime during pandemic can be nerve-wracking.


It can likewise once in a while give cool freedoms.

Cheerfully, destiny blessed me and gave me a decent hand last time I was there.

I veiled up. Put my shades on (at the time it was summer in Tucson, Arizona, so they were fundamental hardware)

What’s more, I hauled myself through the brutal hotness into the Campus Health part of grounds.

I went up the steps to the applicable lab region, checked in, and took a seat at a social separation from different patients.

It was here that I caught an idea voiced by an individual patient in the sitting area that made me let out a smirk and set me off on the way to reflection.

It was an idea that came from an office-type in a suit as he was chatting on the telephone.

“Man, I’m telling you… I feel like if by some stroke of good luck I tracked down the right young lady… then, at that point, every one of my concerns would be settled. Then, at that point, I would FINALLY be glad.”

As I heard him utter this expression, I really wanted to let out a knowing grin.

I’ve heard a wide range of forms of this idea for the duration of my life.

“If by some stroke of good luck I tracked down the ideal individual…

“If by some stroke of good luck I tracked down the right house…

“If by some stroke of good luck secured the right position…

… Then, at that point, everything would at last snap!”

… Then, at that point, every one of my concerns would be addressed”

… Then, at that point, I would at last be cheerful”

A significant number of us let ourselves know a variant of this enticing idea.

Or on the other hand frequently get taken care of variant of this.

However, I sorted out some time back (by pondering the way of thinking of joy) that this idea might be enticing. In any case, it is basically false.

Allow me to let you know here. At the present time.

There is NOTHING in this world that can dispose of ALL your concerns.

Furthermore, regardless of whether there were, this would just be a transitory fix.

Days, months, or weeks after the fact, new issues will definitely emerge.

Issues that you were unable to have predicted. Also, that you should manage.

To live IS to have issues.

Thus, you’ll never be genuinely glad by attempting to dispose of every one of your concerns.

You’ll just be pursuing a bogus harmony that won’t ever fill you.

Rather, the way to being genuinely glad is to Learn to DANCE with the Problems

To figure out how to take on the difficulties that life definitely gets you a way that you track down significance and happiness in.

Presently, sadly, I got brought in for my arrangement before I could show this fella in a suit this critical illustration about the way of thinking of bliss.

(I had truly considered imparting this reflection to him once he got off the telephone – I like to converse with outsiders – however oh well, it was not intended to be)

All things considered, YOU get to receive the rewards of this reflection! Regardless of whether he.

Genuine satisfaction lies in tolerating that there will consistently be issues and figuring out how to hit the dance floor with them.

It won’t ever come from regretting that there are and attempting to dispose of them.

Thus, next time you wind up dealing with an issue in your life, and you’re thinking that it is baffling. Stop yourself.

Pause for a minute.

Also, consider how you can reconceptualize the issue as a chance for development.

Not as a weight to dispose of. Be that as it may, as a test.

A gift that life is offering you.

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